Pollution Control and Remediation

Krenel carries out the chemical, physical, and biological treatment and management of hydrocarbon polluted sites (surface land, sub surface formation, and aquatic ecosystems). Our methods of polluted sites remediation include but not limited to thermal desorption, chemical application, subsurface aeration, natural organic materials application/revegetation, etc. The remediation method we use is always site specific. The approval of the relevant environmental protection ministry and agencies such as the States Ministry of Environment, Federal Ministry of Environment, Department of Petroleum Resources, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency are always obtained prior to the commencement of each remediation work. Krenel is registered and accredited with each of these agencies.

Krenel has its technical partner from the United Kingdom. The technical partner brings in its equipment and technology know-how when the nature of project to be carried out requires such. The equipment that are usually brought are ensured to be friendly and adaptive to the tropical weather conditions of Nigeria